Shape Up Shoulders

by Ravi/Lola

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"13 tracks of spacy, bright psych music, with enough retro flair to make you question what year the record actually came out. If you’re into all things trippy, this is the album for you." - Breaking & Entering

"This is Ravi/Lola’s most cohesive, enjoyable, and well-rounded record to date. Childlike wonder and cracked psychedelia remain, but they’re now bolstered by a veteran live band and top-shelf production." - Milwaukee Record

"The album is nostalgic for a time that has since passed, taking cues from late Beatles and George Harrison. So if you’re a fan of the era, these guys are one of the few that are bringing it back with fervor." - April's Music Reviews


released June 2, 2017

Casey Seymour - vocals, sitar, guitar, glockenspiel, zills, tambourine, maracas
Anton Sieger - bass, Vietnamese jaw harp
Robert Thomas - keys, glockenspiel, rhodes piano, organ
Nick Wieczorkowski - drums, tambourine, maracas

Recording and Engineered by Didier Leplae
Mixed and Mastered by Didier Leplae and Ravi/Lola



all rights reserved


Ravi/Lola Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Ravi/Lola is a 60's inspired psychedelic baroque/neo-toytown pop group. Ravi/Lola began as a home recording project in 2008 by Casey Seymour with collaborators James Green and Nick Wieczorkowski. 2 albums and 5 EP's have been released from the home recording era.

In 2015, the band evolved into a live group consisting of Casey Seymour, Nick Wieczorkowski, Robert Thomas, and Anton Sieger.
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Track Name: Uke
Thank you for
the science dish
the galaxy wish
the jelly fat
I've looked at that
during fishing time
I've tried the wine at supper
I'll stop the chat from chasing mice
and this and that
who's getting trapped?
She's at the door and asking for
a compensationary summation of radical fun

Run as fast as your dad
but you can't eat his whole salary!
Can you prescribe me your diary?
I'll read your phonetical history of how your outfit will impact me

Hey...what's your work schedule for the week?
Track Name: Hands
I left my hands to see what they would do
To embrace the world without the anchor they're attached to
They slept on shorelines

My hands came back to see what I would do
To embrace the world with the arms they were attached to
We slept on shorelines

Wrapping strings around the fingers
To see how purple purple can be
Track Name: Brownfit Cheri
Brownfit Cheri
Quite hilarious
If she jumped up and down
It would look like, Brownfit Cheri, is shoveling dirt from the ground
See her frown when her hair tumbles down
With a scissors cut on the front
Does she look better now?
Bring back
80's track
She's so representative of all fashion 25 years ago
Do you think Brownfit Cheri knows?

Does her white trim make her look thin
Or does it make the floor meet your chin?
Track Name: If You Only Knew
If I could count the times that she had left behind
the modern elements of tending land
Then maybe I'd have come a three time thousandaire
and we'd be settled down and I the man

If I could count the tops she cut to paint them white
I'd run out of numbers after one
Two, and three, and four would all be left to die
And friends would age and we'd run out of time

If you only knew what I'm capable
Then you'd only knew

The broken eyes, and ears, I'm here
she never tried to understand the condiment of tan
We sit and soak and talk about like cone ball fans
And they'd be moving on with their son...
Is it Lee? Or Sam? I don't know?

If you only knew what I'm capable of
Then you'd only knew
Track Name: Neighbors with Pools
He gets his papers from the local station
He gets his news from the neighbor's pool
Sinks down to the bottom just to read
Looks at the horse and thinks
'I'm a strange, strange neighbor"

He's estranged from the world, but does he know?
Track Name: Shape Up Shoulders
We are such shape up shoulders
We are not where we belong
Gravitating toward the big black boulder
Seems like we're stick in the pound
We return to jolly green
Still not where we belong
We are such shape up shoulders
We are not where we belong

We are back and getting older
Feathered hats with decorated shoulders
Gravitating toward the pound
This frown face first in ground
We are such shape up shoulders
We are not where we belong
Gravitating toward a big black boulder
We're still stuck in the pound

We are just, shape up shoulders
Track Name: Harmony Love
The wind used to be against me
The willows would swing away so naturally
The gestures and responsible guesses that I couldn't read
But now there's harmony

The beauty of resting in an empty place
Our words exploring what the mouth can't taste
Oh, harmony love
Not just casual love
Happily exchanging time without misery

Oh, harmony Love

Painting pictures of our favorite place
There's no need to leave
Our eyes will have an escape
Into harmony, not ordinary
Shadows will never cast on this luxury

Oh, harmony love
Track Name: Piledheads at a Pool Party
Piledheads at a pool party
Show on time or show tardy
Guests are naked
Sharing stories
about how they make their money
Piledheads at a pool party
Track Name: Island Man
Well she asked me to be cool
But I know what isn't true
Well she asked me to be cruel
But I could never do that to you
He is not your island man

Then she asked me if I knew
a way to make it stay
Then she asked me if I knew
if they would ever last
He is not your island man

"If it's good for you, it's not good enough for me"
"Oh, no"

He is not your island man
Track Name: Do, Do Alone
Everyones invited
to the party shoppe
Separate conversations
once the party stops

Is it really fun to know you when we've got no place to go?

You end up
sleeping alone
inducing nightmares
You end up
sleeping alone
once the party stops

IT IS really fun to know when we've some place to go
Track Name: Organization Structure
Organization Structure (structure your organization)

They checked all the books
When they washed their hands
They've ignored the numbers
And I hear the secret they keep from me
Track Name: Teach Her
I talk to teach her
But she has good news
She cares about me
And that's all she can

I already feel better
She already feels better (too)
Well let's feel better together?
Track Name: Seals the Deals
He's never ever coming back
Don't go see him
Don't believe him
He's never coming back
Don't go near him
Don't even think of it
He's never coming back

He's never ever coming back
Don't you cry now
Pretend he's dead somehow
He's never coming back
I stopped trying
Because he's lying
He's never coming back

But if you want to get into his head
Just remember, you don't have to call
And he'll come back to you

He's coming back to you now